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First.- Purpose of the contest.

he International Biennial of Contemporary Art Emerging Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS), is an exhibition of contemporary art, with the participation of national and international artists whose objective is to enrich the artistic scene of the Municipality of San Miguel de Abona, with the presence of disciplines such as painting, photography, visual arts and other cultural events which are already emblematic in the municipality. 

Likewise, the Biennial seeks to create a showcase for contemporary art and offer the opportunity to advertise and promote the work of artists of different nationalities participating in this contest, exhibiting their works in different places of the municipality.


Second.- Object.

The present rules are designed to regulate the procedure for giving the awards granted by the City of San Miguel de Abona, in the contest of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art Emerging Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS), prior approval of the call by the Mayor or the delegate Councillor, and published in the National Database of Grants and an extract thereof, in the Official Gazette.


Third. – Participants.

People who be able to participate in the competition of the International Biennial of Contemporary Emerging Art Eve-Maria Zimmermann of San Miguel de Abona, will be all artists older of eighteen, of spanish or foreign nationality. 

In no case will proceed to the awarding of prizes object of the Biennial, for those participants who were involved in any of the causes which, under applicable Spanish legislation, prevent them receive subsidies.


Fourth.- Works requirements.


1. The works must be unpublished and have not been awarded or recognized or selected in other competitions, contests, festivals or similar events. The authors of the works assume all liability to third parties arising from the use of intellectual property and image, and the privacy of individuals reflected in them, likewise, they must declare under their responsibility, in accordance with Annex II (available with the opening of the call) of these rules, to be the authors of the works, exempting San Miguel de Abona Town Hall from any liability to third parties. 

2. The works, object of the Biennale, include the following modes:          

           - Two - dimensional plastic work or paint work. 

           - Two-dimensional work or photograph. 

           - Three-dimensional work or sculpture. 

           - Three-dimensional work or video installation. 

          - Short film.


3. Both, theme and technique will be free, and works not exceed the following formats:


  • In the modality of TWO – DIMENSIONAL PLASTIC WORK OR PAINT WORK, the individual format of the works presented should not exceed 150 centimeters by any side, not including the frame. This also applies to diptychs, triptychs or polyptychs.
  • In the modality of TWO – DIMENSINAL WORK or PHOTOGRAPHY, each work presented in the competition, should not exceed 150 cm in any side, not including the frame. This also applies to diptychs, triptychs or polyptychs. All photographic techniques may participate. The registered pieces as "series" are considered as a single "work" and must specify its name and title.
  • In the modality of THREE – DIMENSIONAL WORK or SCULPTURE, individual format should not exceed 150 cm in any of its dimensions (height, width, depth), and must be at least 50 centimeters in one of its sides. The sculptures must not exceed 50 kilograms.
  • In the modality of THREE – DIMENSIONAL WORK or VIDEO-INSTALLATION it will be possible to submit only one project per artist. The proposed works in this modality, may not exceed an area of 200 x 200 x 200 centimeters, or have more than 50 kilograms. Consistency ephemeral installations will be subject to rigorous review by the jury to ponder acceptance. Those installations containing elements that endanger the safety of persons and / or property will not be accepted. The proposed articles must be composed of materials and elements that allow storage (albeit in registration form) and future productions.
  • In SHORT FILM modality, the work may be performed on any system filming and any genre: fiction, animation or documentary. The maximum duration will not exceed 30 minutes, including credits, and the work must be presented in high resolution (HD). The films presented must have completed their production subsequent to January 1, 2015. It will be essential for those films whose original version is not in Spanish, whether presented subtitled in that language or, failing that, into English.

 4. Each of the works will be presented, as indicated on the following basis, through a sample under any of the following formats: photography (in adequate numbers to allow evaluation), jpg files on CD ROM or DVD.

5. If the work required for installation or assembly, special requirements museum-graphic, it must also include a descriptive report of that installation.

6. It will be necessary, that the author of the work declare the economic value of that work, for the purposes of an insurance policy by the Town Hall, to ensure the possible damages that may suffer the same during the period in which the artistic works are exhibited in municipal facilities.


Fifth.- Deadline and Presentation Request Form.

1. Requests to participate must be submitted at the offices of Citizen Service (SAC) of San Miguel de Abona Town Hall, situated in the Ctra. General Los Abrigos No. 30, C.P. 38620 San Miguel de Abona, and Avda. Claudio Delgado Diaz, Las Chafiras, C.P. 38639, San Miguel de Abona, from 8:00 to 14:00, within the period specified in the call


Requests to participate may also be sent by mail, addressed to the Department of Culture, to the following address:

Ayuntamiento de San Miguel de Abona

Ctra. Los Abrigos nº 30, C.P.

38620, San Miguel de Abona

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España


  • In this case, participants must justify the date of imposition in the post office, sending by fax 922 167 168, requests to participate on the same day. Without the concurrence of both requirements will not be accepted the request. After ten calendar days following the date indicated without documentation has been received, it will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • The organization will not consider requests to participate or be admissible, sending documents via email or internet or sending the actual works during the selection process.

2. Requests shall be made according to the registration form attached as Annex I  to these rules, accompanied by the following documentation:


  • 1· DNI / NIE / Passport participant.

  • 2· Sworn declaration contained in Annex II to the present rules.indicando en su exterior el siguiente título:

  •            3. large envelope tightly closed and individual, for each work submitted, indicating on the outside the title

          Bienal  Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo Emergente Eve-Maria Zimmermann.

        Title of work:.....................................


        Pseudonym of:..............................


The contents of the envelope shall be as follows:

  • 1· Photographic sample of the work to present, in accordance with the formats and media indicated in the previous basis, which should indicate the title of the work and the author's pseudonym.

  • 2· Descriptive report, assuming that the installation or assembly of the work requires special requirements museum-graphic.

  • Information identifying participants only should appear in Annexes I and Annexe II of the application (available with the opening of the call). In the envelope containing the photographic exhibition of the work, as well as in support of it, it will appear only the pseudonym of the author to ensure the anonymity of it during the selection and evaluation of the works. Otherwise, the application will not be admitted to the contest.

3. Each participant may only submit a maximum of two works in the different modalities of the Biennial, except for works in the form of Three-dimensional work or video-installation, in which only a single work is permitted.

4. Submission of requests for participation in this contest automatically implies full and complete acceptance without reservation of these rules.

5. In the assumption that a request does not comply with any of the requirements of the present bases, the organization will require the necessary documentation to the participant to rectify during the maximum period of ten working days. If the situation is not corrected in time, it is understood that the person concerned has abandoned its request for participation.


Sixth.- Selection and Assessment of works.

This contest will be divided into the following phases: 


1. Selection of the works presented, which form part of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art Emerging Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS).

2. Assembly or installation of the selected works.

3. Assessment of the works selected by the selection committee.

4. Exhibition of selected works at the International Biennial of Contemporary Emerging Art Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS).


1º. Selection of the works.

  • Selection of the works presented, which form part of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art Emerging Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS)
  • The works presented in the sample formats indicated in the fourth base will be selected by a Commissariat (Selection Committee), which will decide which works will participate in the Biennale, and therefore, form part of the exhibition for further evaluation by the jury.
  • The selection will be given by the artistic quality of the works presented, as well as verification concerning formats and requirements of the present bases for each modality object of the Biennial. The selection of the Commissariat (Selection Committee) will be collected in an Act, in which the title of the selected works and the pseudonym of the author is collected, giving the reasons for the rejection of those who are not selected. That Act shall be delivered to the Department of Culture for the declaration of the selected works.
  • The composition and designation of the members of the Commissariat (Selection Committee) will be set in the call, prior proposal from Mayor or Delegate Councillor, among prominent personalities from the art world according to different subject disciplines of the Biennial.
  • Selected works by the Commissariat (Selection Committee), that will be part of the Biennial, will be declared by a resolution of the Mayor or Delegate Councillor, and they will be notified to the selected authors, indicating the place, manner and time in which should send the original work for exhibition.. However, this selection will be provisional until the receipt of the actual work, which may be rejected later in the assumption that it does not comply with the sample initially presented and after verification by the Commissariat (Selection Committee). If the works submitted are conforming to the selected samples, the initial selection means definitive.
  • The deadline for declaring the selected works in the Biennial will be set in the official call.
  • All expenses accrued by the packaging and transportation of the works will be assumed by the author of the same.

2º. Assembling or installation of selected works:

  • Once submitted the real works (previously selected) in San Miguel de Abona Town Hall, assembly and installation of these will be borne by the Commissariat (Selection Committee) and technical specialists during the pre-celebration of the Biennial month.
  • If the assembly of any work requiriese the use of specific technical, the author of the work will assume the expenses that such installation would generate. In the specification referred to in the second paragraph of the fifth base, you must specify which technical resources are necessary for such installation or assembly, as well as any other aspect related to it. In any case, the installation or assembly works will be directed and supervised by the Commissariat (Selection Committee), it being possible that the Commissariat (Selection Committee) decides any aspect of the installation or assembly works, that is not expressly provided for in these rules.
  • Contest participants will assume the damages that may occur on the submitted works, as a consequence of collection, transport, delivery and return. During the time that the works remain on the Town Hall installations, the Town Hall will assume the responsibility for any damages that may occur on the works received. In any case, the Town Hall will be responsible for the damages that could suffer works in which the manufacture of which are used materials that can be degrade unaided or deteriorate.
  • Once installed or assembled the selected works, the Department of Culture may prepare a catalog with them, in order to publicize the International Biennial of Contemporary Emerging Art Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS).

3º. Valuation of the works selected by the Jury:

  • The works selected by the Commissariat (Selection Committee) will be subsequently evaluated by a jury composed of personalities of recognized artistic prestige at national and international levels, in different specialties subject of the Biennial. The Jury will be established in the call.
  • The jury will visit the works, by the Commissariat (Selection Committee) specific to each discipline prior to the opening of the Biennial, and this jury will make the assessment of such works.
  • This valuation will be reflected in the minutes signed by all the members of the jury, in which the winning works in each specialty of the Biennial will be designated by specifying the title of the work and the pseudonym of its author.
  • Everything not specified in the present competition bases will be interpreted by the jury..

4º. Exhibition of works at the International Biennial of Contemporary Emerging Art Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS):

  • The opening day of the Biennale, will be made public reading of the jury's decision, identifying the winning works and their authors. The winning works will remain in their respective rooms, until the awards are delivered. The awards ceremony will take place in the closing ceremony of the Biennale, whose date will be established in the call.

Seventh.- Awards. 

1. The International Biennial of Contemporary Emerging Art Eve-Maria Zimmermann award the following prizes:


           I. Award Eve-Maria Zimmermann in the modality of Two-dimensional plastic work or paint work: 2.000 euros

          II. Award Eve-Maria Zimmermann in the modality of of Two-dimensional work or photograph: 2.000 euros

          III. Award Eve-Maria Zimmermann in the modality of Three-dimensional work or sculpture: 2.000 euros

          IV. Award Eve-Maria Zimmermann in the modality of Three-dimensional work or video installation: 2.000 euros.

          V. Award Eve-Maria Zimmermann in the modality of Short film: 2.000 euros

          VI. A second prize of recognition in each specialty.


2. The awarding of the prizes will be agreed by decree of the Mayor or Delegated Councillor, in accordance with the proposal of the Jury. Considering the quality and interest of the selected works, the Awards will be declared void by the jury.

3. The organization will consider justification enough for granting subsidies and award prizes in this competition, the contribution of Minutes drafted by the Jury, in which should appears the relation of winning works and authors of the corresponding awards winners, in the way it explained in the previous base.

4. For the payment of prizes, the winners will be presented at City Hall, 015 form, signed and stamped by the corresponding bank.

5. Prizes awarded, shall be brought taxes that were applicable under Spanish law.


Eighth.- Intellectual property rights of the works. 

1. The presentation of the application for participation in the contest will mean for authors of works that are selected to participate in the Biennial, they will transfer the intellectual property rights (reproduction, distribution, transformation and public communication) of such works to San Miguel de Abona Town Hall, during the duration of the Biennial object of call, and during the two years following its closure, in order to promote the upcoming Biennial of Art organized and / or called by the Town Hall.

2.The winning works in the contest will stay in municipal installations where they are exposed for at least 10 months from delivery to the Town Hall. After this period, the authors can remove them within a period of 60 days from the day following the closing ceremony of the Biennial day. The works that are not withdrawals by their authors within the specified period, will become part of the artistic heritage of the Town Hall.


Ninth.- Legal regime and jurisdiction.

1.The contest of the International Biennial of Contemporary Emerging Art Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS) is governed by the provisions of these regulatory bases in the Law 38/2003 of November 17, General Grant, Royal Decree 887/2006 of 21 July, Regulation of Law 38/2003 of 17 November, General Subsidies approved, the municipal Bases Budget Execution and the General Grants Ordinance of San Miguel de Abona Town Hall.

2.The legal questions arising from the interpretation, application and effect of these rules as well as the agreements singled to which results shall be resolved by the Mayor or Delegated Councilor, whose agreements will end the administrative route, and will be immediately executive. These may be appealed discretional in reinstatement to the same body that issued them, or be challenged by judicial review proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the law regulating such jurisdiction.



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